This is the guy that started it all in 1997 with a concept and a vision..Who got tired of listening to the same boring songs the radio had to play
THE BIG KAHUNA was born in Tampa fl on July 18, 1968..The youngest of 6 he grew up listening to the music of the different generations in his family. He wanted to be a Disc Jockey ever since listening to his favorite D.J. Scott Robbins on 1040 W.H.B.O.. So he got the idea to start a little project called J.B.102.9 With his pal Rocky Rabbitt. They started Playing the music that regular radio stopped playing. All the forgotten hits and some that never saw the needle of a turtable..
J.B 102.9 was one of the first internet radio station on the air. Which was pretty groovy.
To make a long story short,THE BIG KAHUNA started Tyme 102.9 and ran it until 2006 when health and Family issues finally shut the station down.So after 5 years and 5 Grandchildren later, THE BIG KAHUNA is back on the air "SPINNING THE PLATTERS THAT MATTER" & "PUTTING A FRESH FANG IN THE TONE ARM COBRA"..
So stay tuned..You never know what can happen

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